Explosion Training

Training the body to move explosively and aggressively while controlled. This is highly intense and functional in its training manner.

Speed Training

F.A.S.T. has 2 of the Only

Noramco Speed Training System

in the Region!

F.A.S.T. teaches proper speed mechanics, agility, acceleration, deceleration and speed development.

Step One: Call For More Information or To Schedule (419) 331-3278

Step Two: Athletic Assessment

F.A.S.T. takes all athletes through a comprehensive personal assessment and analysis prior to making any type of recommendations and starting a training program.The assessments are sport specific and very complete with evaluation of upper and lower body strength, explosion power, foot speed, acceleration, deceleration and raw speed agility. The assessment also tests body composition, muscle elasticity, muscle endurance, fatigue factor, core strength, recruitment and proprioception. The assessments are video taped and analyzed by our computer analysis system to help understand the overall athletes strengths and weaknesses.

Step Three: Athletic Assessment Consultation & Analysis

The assessment is followed by a meeting with both the athlete and guardians to show what was found during the assessment. At this times we will set training goals and make training program recommendations. A service quote will also be presented as this time to show the total cost of the recommended training programs.

Step Four: Nutrition Consultation

After you decide to move forward with the recommended training program you will meet and receive a complete nutrition plan from our Nutritionist. F.A.S.T. individually develops and consults you on your proper nutrition plan. You will also learn about supplements, their purpose and when to use them to benefit you and your goals. Nutrition can be the difficult part of any program but F.A.S.T. has realistic, personalized and easy to follow plans!

Two Locations
FAST Ohio - Lima, Ohio
FAST South - Sidney, Ohio

Ohio's Premier Performance Enhancement Facility sports training speed

Jump Training

Improve your vertical jump and jump quickness with F.A.S.T.'s cutting edge jump training. Using high tech equipment and training techniques proven to improve the vertical jump by several inches in as short as 2 months!

F.A.S.T. offers comprehensive CrossFit team training workouts for athletes of all sports. F.A.S.T. offers certified coaches that specialize in sport specific workouts that are sure to improve your team's performance. F.A.S.T. has always tried to be cutting edge with training to enhance your athlete's performance and CrossFit is the latest workout theory in the evolution of training athletes to help with maximizing performance. CrossFit is a team training workout so it also greatly builds team unity as it brings out the strengths and weakness of each individual but relies on the team to build to success.  If you are a coach that already does a team workout program of your own this does not replace that program CrossFit would be an addition to that program. We would love to work with you as a Coach to help your team through team CrossFit sport enhancement workouts. We have purposely priced our team training at an affordable rate so that your team can benefit by doing CrossFit at F.A.S.T. 

CrossFit Develops the Athlete for:  Power - Speed - Explosion

CrossFit Develops the Team for:  Teamwork - Trust - Leadership

CrossFit trains the body to do the common, uncommonly well. While preparing you to take control of the unexpected.

Sport Specific Athletic Enhancement Training

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Strength Training

F.A.S.T. has a State of the Art Functional Strength Training Area.

F.A.S.T. prides itself on teaching proper technique, while enhancing the body through sport specific weight lifting programs.

Excel Level Training

F.A.S.T. has Excel Level Training For:

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Wrestling, Hockey, Cross Country, Track, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Dance.

The Excel Level Training includes:

Strength & Explosion Training - Stabilizer Muscle & Proprieception Training - Balance & Stability Training - Hip Development - Jump Training - All aspects of Speed Training - Core Training - Muscle Endurance - Cardio Capacity Development - Quick Muscle Twitch Stimulation