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Tim Lones (Owner)

F.A.S.T. opened in April 2004. Tim and Tina Lones co-owners founded F.A.S.T. on the concept that individuals could get better results with their workout time if they had a trainer and personalized workout plan each time they enter the facility. Within 3 weeks they had to hire their first employee, as business was too great for both Tim and Tina to handle. Within 7 months F.A.S.T. had grown out of the facility and was in need of looking for a new home. F.A.S.T. located in the American Mall in the old Phar-Mor store in late 2004. By 2007 F.A.S.T. had grown to a point that it needed to purchase its own property and facility. In 2007 F.A.S.T. opened what is considered in the training industry one of the most comprehensive training centers in all the mid-west, a 55,000sq. foot full service training complex. In 2013 CrossFit Lima opened within the F.A.S.T. training complex to become the first CrossFit Box in Lima, Ohio. In 2014 the demand for our services created the opening of 2 more locations in Sidney and Elida. F.A.S.T.  is attracting clients from all over Ohio and parts of Indiana due to its high quality trainers, training programs and state of the art facilities and equipment.

Two Locations
FAST Ohio - Lima, Ohio
FAST South - Sidney, Ohio

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Ohio's Premier Performance Enhancement Facility sports training speed

F.A.S.T. of Ohio is a comprehensive sports enhancement, personal fitness, athletic training, CrossFit and physical wellness and enhancement center with currently 3 locations in Lima, Sidney and Elida Ohio. F.A.S.T. works with individuals and teams of all levels in the areas of overall performance enhancement, fitness, weight loss, strength development, body toning, body building, balance development, cardiovascular conditioning and nutrition. We pride ourselves with bringing in the best trainers that are highly educated to accommodate for all levels of athletes and fitness clients. F.A.S.T. trains athletes in strength, speed, explosion and nutrition. As well as, Fitness clients of all types and needs. In addition F.A.S.T. trains special needs individuals with down syndrome, autisim, youth with weight loss needs and others. F.A.S.T. also have services in physical therapy and chiropractic.
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