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Youth Weight Control & Management

Speed Training & Development

Youth Body Awareness

Agility & Balance

Personal Training

If you are looking for a training program that is personalized and where you have a highly qualified trainer to guide you every step of the way, then F.A.S.T. is the workout facility for you!

F.A.S.T. specializes in training Adult & Seniors for:

General Fitness - Weight Gain - Weight Loss - Flexibility - Rehabilitation- Cardiovascular

Other Specialized TrainingsInclude:

Body Building -  Pageant Contestants - Figure & Physique Competitors - Physician Referrals - Corporate Wellness

Golf Specific Training

Golfers of all levels and ages, young and old, are learning the importance of strength and flexibility training to specifically improve their golf game. If you are a Golfer F.A.S.T.'s Golf Specific Training is right for you!

Assessment & Consultation

All clients are taken through a comprehensive personal assessment and analysis prior to F.A.S.T. making any type of training recommendations and starting a program. The assessment is graded through our fitness analysis testing software. Once that is complete you will be scheduled a one on one fitness consultation with your instructor. The consultation lays out a personal plan with realistic goals for your fitness needs. Your personal fitness plan will also include an easy to follow nutrition packet. During this meeting we will give you our recommend training program that will allow us to help you receive your best results.

Nutrition Packet

F.A.S.T. is staffed with a nutritionist that develops personalized and realistic nutrition plans. Whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain, muscle gains or body fat loss F.A.S.T. will individually develop and consult you on your proper nutrition plan. Our Nutritionist will also teach you about supplements, their purpose, when to use them and which will benefit you for your goals. Nutrition can be a difficult part of any program, but F.A.S.T. makes it realistic, personalized and easy to follow.

Ohio's Premier Performance Enhancement Facility sports training speed

Personalized Training for Adults, Youth & Special Needs of all levels.

Two Locations
FAST Ohio - Lima, Ohio
FAST South - Sidney, Ohio

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